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18 February, 2016

Pink Squirrel

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OK, so not that kind of pink squirrel! The pink squirrel I am talking about is an adult ice cream drink. If you are from Wisconsin, then you have most likely heard of a pink squirrel, but if you’re not from Wisconsin then you might be wondering what I am talking about.  Growing up in Wisconsin it’s pretty common to see people having ice cream drinks at the bar after dinner. My favorite after dinner drink it the pink squirrel and until Christmas I had never made one myself. I even had pink squirrels as my birthday treat (for the adults) instead of cake this year. The liqueur you will need for this is on the cheaper side, so it’s not an expensive drink and you don’t use much liquor for a drink so it lasts a long time.  So for those of you who don’t live in Wisconsin and can’t get one at your local restaurant like us, go ahead and make one at home, you love it!

Ingredients:2016-02-18 13.58.40

  • 4 cups of  vanilla ice cream
  • 3 shots of Creme de Noyeux (almond)
  • 3 shots of Creme de Cacao
  • Reddi Wip whipped topping, for garnish


In a blender add the ice cream and both liquors. Blend it well, if it seems runny add more ice cream, you want it thick enough so you straw stands straight up. Pour it into a nice glass and add the whipped cream. Now pour a little more creme de noyeux over the top to make it prettier. 2016-02-15 20.55.42

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